"I have been a buddy for 8 years now and have had many buddies-the difference between letters at the beginning of the year to letters at the end of the year is enormous. You really get a sense that you have contributed down.their learning and enthusiasm with putting together letters. The year may start off slow but by the end of the year letters are much more colourful, writing is much neater and they seem to put a lot more "

Clayton Utz 2014 Big Buddy Memorable Moment

What We Do

Daystar Foundation is uniquely positioned to assist children, young people and families. Within the school environment Daystar's team works alongside each school's leadership and staff to engage students in their own environment. The school environment provides an excellent base for early intervention of youth problems. By helping young people to make the best of their school experience and complete their education, students are on the correct path towards creating a secure and independent life for themselves.

Daystar operates its Before, Lunchtime, After School Transformation (BLAST) Programs from each school's premises, communicating daily with teachers and community members. As a result Daystar is able to build strong relationships of trust with the children, which is the key to enabling us to identify and solve problems as they arise, before leading to further destructive behaviour.

Daystar provides a daily forum for all children, regardless of sex, race, gender, religion or culture to interact with positive adult role models and other children in a safe and secure environment that they can call their own. Daystar’s programs have already led to an improvement in social behaviours and school attendance.

There are four Key Performance Indicators that drive all Daystar’s BLAST (Before, Lunchtime, After School Transformation) Programs:

  1. Reducing student truancy and absenteeism
  2. Improving student learning
  3. Positive behavioural changes in students
  4. Healthier student food choices

Over the years, Daystar has developed credible and effective programs to help tackle the problems faced by its target group of young people through transitional programs such as iCareer.

iCareer is an intensive career pathways program linking young and disengaged job seekers to training and employment. iCareer offers a unique employment transition program whose philosophy is to assist youth to find their way into sustainable employment and avoid the social exclusion associated with unemployment and inactivity. 

Following on from the successes of iCareer, Daystar is now running a range of innovative Work For The Dole programs to assist long term unemployed become work ready. 

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