"Being able to be a positive influence on a young person and engaging with them through letter writing encouraging them to keep achieving their goals and dreams. Sometimes they just need someone to listen and be a cheerleader for them."

Big Buddy Feedback

Program Outcomes

In some way or another, Daystar Foundation’s Before, Lunchtime, After School Transformation (BLAST) Programs are available to over 4000 children every day. Through our various programs we have influenced and assisted several thousand children over the years. We have helped numerous children via direction intervention, with several young people progressing to TAFE, others taking on apprenticeships, and some remaining at school. Some specific examples of outcomes include:

Reducing student truancy and absenteeism

  • Since Breakfast Club was introduced there has been a significant reduction in both truancy and absenteeism. In one school truancy and abenteism fell below the state wide average by 1.5% when breakfast club commenced. “The social impact of this program has been outstanding. It has led to a marked improvement in school attendance, chronic late arrivals are now here before school and many behaviours we experienced because children were coming to school hungry have disappeared.” Stephen Stobbs, Welfare Teacher, Claymore Public School.

Improving student learning

  • As a result of the Homework Club, one young man improved several places in his Year 7 Maths class from the start of the year and went from second last in Science to 5th place in the final exam.
  • Eleven Year 9 & 10 students involved in the Music Club were intending to leave school either voluntarily or involuntarily at the end of the year; ten returned for 2007. One went on to become School Captain, another Vice Captain. Daystar also supported the Vice Captain with a scholarship to study flamenco guitar in Spain. This student became to first ever student to achieve a Band 6 result in the HSC and has since recorded an album with a 7-times Golden Guitar winner.
  • A number of songs composed in the Music Club were judged good enough to be entered in the Australian Schools Songwriting Competition. One song came third place and won certificates for the boys involved as well as several hundred dollars worth of musical equipment for the Music Club.
  • Two Music Club students excelled with one student winning a scholarship to Macarthur Anglican College to receive further expert tuition as a guitarist. Another was invited by Campbelltown Performing Arts High School to take up an offer to join the vocal class full time.
  • Two students have secured paid work after school with the skills they have learned at our Music and Garden Clubs.

Literacy Buddy Program

  • A student in the Literacy Buddy program reported to have improved his writing skills from a single sentence in his first letter to three pages in his last letter.
  • One young lady who participated in the Literacy Buddy program as a little buddy over 10years ago was so impressed with her big buddy firm she decided she woud return to work there one day. She commenced in 2015.

Positive behavioural changes in students

  • We see regularly truant children now habitually arrive at school before 8am when Breakfast Club opens. Our volunteers report that Breakfast Club members regularly arrive to school before they do.
  • Students who would otherwise be truant or absent turn up for Breakfast Club resulting in them getting to class on time. Once there, teachers tell us that the students’ classroom performance and behaviour improves significantly as a direct result of their healthy food start to the day.

Healthier student food choices

  • We know Breakfast Club is improving life skill opportunities by, for example, showing children that a healthy breakfast is important.
  • The number of students we provide breakfast for consistently increases in each school as time goes by, thus we continue to meet the needs of students who come to school hungry, are emotionally isolated as they enjoy feeling part of a 'Club' at Breakfast Club.
  • Garden Club has introduced thousands of children to healthy food; many students are unaware that food does come from the ground and many have never eaten fresh produce.
  • As a result of Garden Club many students take food home to share with their families; and some students have planted produce gardens at home.

Work For The Dole

  • In June 2015 Daystar facilitated  several innovative Work For The Dole projects as a way to get unemployed Youth work ready. In the first six months Daystar achieved a 28.1% success rate of employment.

Pop up kitchen

  • 20 participants who learn food preparation, food handling, planning menus, budgets, set up and break down. Pop up kitchen catered for five successful community events.

Community Garden & Recycling

  • 50 Participants engaged in how to create a range of no-dig  gardens using recycled pallets, old tyres and scrap timber, they also learned how to recycle food scraps, paper and old furniture.


  • This is a current Daystar enterprise providing affordable shopping to local Housing residents. 30 WFTD participants learn a range of skills including logistics, data entry, cash handling, customer service, web ordering, warehousing, foodhandling and storage.


  • 15 participants learned a range of skills including sound enginering, song writing and recording. Participants from this project assisted the ONE TRIBE Production "The Road To Redemption" in sound, lighting, recording and back up music.

Performing Arts (ONE TRIBE)

  • 60 participants were engaged in the arts, drama, acting, stage craft, graphic design, creating props/backdrops, and the marketing/promotion of their public performance where they told their own personal stories in a production called "The Road To Redemption".

Nonna's Tales

  • 15 participants created a documentary on traditional family recipes. This project incorporated film, video, editing, production and lighting.

Sewing project

  • 15 participants producing adaptive clothing suitable for children with sensory requirements.

Craft project

  • 15 participants learn embroidery to support a Community Cultural dance group.

Mowing program

  • 100 participants will be involved in maintaining common areas and residential properties on Bonnyrigg Housing estate. Daystar intends to develop this program as a fully fledged social enterprise. Daystar is interested in the potential of all participants from WFTD, participants in the mowing project will be encouraged to develop their own mowing and gardening business. Daystar will provide business support and training.

Weld a trailer

  • 25 participants will be involved in an exciting welding program: they will learn how to read plans, do basic welding, learn how to use a range of tools to build a transportable kitchen trailer for community events.

Computer project

  • 25 participants are engaged in a number of projects including, graphic designs, refurbishing used computers, rebuilding hard drives and teaching senior community members basic computer skills.


In 2014-15 (144 Young Adults) enrolled in iCareer with the following results

  • (5) Participants dropped out (3.7%)
  • (91) Participants either commenced or were being placed into employment (63.19%)
  • (42) Participants commenced or were in the process of being placed into further education and training (29.17%)
  • (6) Participants were referred on to either JSA or DES providers (4.17%)

Get Black on Ya Feet

An art based/centered program aimed at Indigenous students struggling in the School system.


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